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1st Discovery is a solutions company specializing in enterprise information management; enabling businesses to improve decision-making by assessing underlying data and processes; and applying experience and know-how to arrive at pragmatic solutions. The company was formed to help companies bridge process gaps—both manual and automated—that ‘harmonize’ an entity’s strategic needs with its IT operation.   


Our core competency is discovering root causes that impede actionable information; and subsequently designing pragmatic, executable solutions which meet the criteria of increasing an entity’s economic value. 


Our competitive advantage lies in our ability to effectively assess your company's capabilities (or deficiencies) in bottom-line terms.  When you employ 1st Discovery, you will understand how your information capability affects your ability to make informed decisions.  Accordingly, 1st Discovery will provide clear, concise, understandable conclusions in economic value terms.  You will know the financial implications of deficiencies such that you can determine whether you can (or should) live with them or not. 

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Please take a moment to submit an information request; or simply call or email us.  We look forward to an opportunity to introduce ourselves personally.  More importantly, however, we look forward to engaging in a dialog that allows us to mutually learn a bit about each other.  Frankly, that's the only way to start.  Anything beyond that, is simply waiting to be discovered.

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